MattyB - Moment


My girl is the kinda person everyone likes
She can fix up or just hang with the guys
Could be the pretty girl that you see at the mall
Or if you ever need advice, she’s the person to call
I call her classic, the kind of girl you take to the prom
Ain’t got a bad reputation so I let her meet mom
I introduce her to my friends, we hang on the weekend
I tell her a secret and I know she ‘gon keep it
I could be gone for a week, a few days without speaking when
I touch down, she’s just happy to see me - yo
I’m only teasing these ain’t really the facts
I want a girl who be cool like that, yeah!

I’ve been wishing up on a star for the longest
Hoping you’d be right where you are in this moment
There’s a lot for us to say
But no words can come my way
Guess we’re wrapped up in the heat of the moment

(Verse 2)
Oh oh, I don’t know what I’mma do
I see these beautiful girls and I don’t know how to choose
I’m not much of a player, forget what you’ve heard
Cause if I say it, I mean it
All I’ve got is my words
The word fantastic is one that I can use to describe
A pretty girl that I now, beautiful girl in my eye
She said she’s done being shy
Fell in love with my smile
Had been listening for a while and now she’s digging my style
I complemented her, never met a girl so cold
Invited cutie to a movie and away we go, yo
I’m on teasing, that ain’t happen today
Cause if it did, this is what I’d say, yeah!

(Repeat Chorus)

You’ve always been my crush I ain’t gonna lie
I’ve always pictured us in the back of my mind
You seem cool and all I wanna do is get to know you
I’m seeing now dreams really do come true

(Repeat Chorus x2)

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