Enta Tany

Haifa Wehbe - Enta Tany


He pretends to be asking about me, the selfish and severe guy
He didn't mean to hurt my eyes, he is well educated
He only has a trade diploma, and there is no passion when he says "Hi!"
He wants to reach a higher level by a little bit of intelligent

He wants to forget me besides I lost 15 years with him,
I was encouraging him and I said that he will appreciate me later

I did everything possible and much more than that
It's over, he bored me, there's nothing that can make me wait

I had something to tell, and I did, I did every thing I wanted to do
I closed it and I forgot these days
Rima comeback to do what she used to (do)
I am a very high-profile girl , my family and friends are high class