Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (Baywatch OST)

Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light
Some people need to help somebody
When the edge of surrenders in site

Vaya con dios - Nah neh nah

I got on the phone and called
the girls, said
Meet me down at Curly Pearls,
for a
Ney, Nah Neh Nah
In my high-heeled shoes and fancy fads

Melanie C - Never Be The Same Again

Come on. Ooh, yeah.
Never be the same again.

Bob Sinclar - Love Generation

From Jamaica to the world 
It's just love, It's just love, 

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

Here's my key 
A freak like me 
Just needs infinity 

Take your time 

Hannah Montana - True Friend

We sign our cards and letters BFF
You've got a million ways to make me laugh
You're lookin' out for me; you've got my back
It's so good to have you around

Suzanne Vega - Tom's Dinner

I am sitting
In the morning
At the diner
On the corner

I am waiting
At the counter
For the man
To pour the coffee

Whigfield - Saturday Night

Dee Dee na na na
Saturday night, I feel the air
Is getting hot
Like you baby

Aquapura - Seventeen

Babe, I think I love you
Honey, should I tell you?
should I tell you?
What else could I do
Maybe I am crazy
Maybe I am crazy, but I want you

Lara Fabian - Adagio (English)

I don't know where to find you
I don't know how to reach you
I hear your voice in the wind
I feel you under my skin
Within my heart and my soul

Pink Floyd - Breathe

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care
Leave but don't leave me
Look around and choose your own ground

Pink Floyd - Money

Money, get away
Get a good job with more pay and you're O.K.
Money, it's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

Rihanna - Sledgehammer

I hit a wall,
I never felt so low, so low
Like a waterfall, my tears dropped to the floor, the floor
They left a swimming pool of salted crimes, crimes

Sarah Connor - From Sarah With Love

For so many years we were friends
And yes I always knew what we could do
But so many tears in the rain
Felt the night you said

Sarah Connor - Just One Last Dance

ust one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance

Laura Pausini - It's not goodbye

And what if I never kiss your lips again
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace
How would I ever go on
Without you there's no place to belong

MattyB, Darby Cappillino - You

I sung a melody the other day
I was humming to myself, “Man I wish you were my girlfriend”
And I was hoping you would come my way

MattyB - You Are My Shining Star

Honey you, are my shinning star.
Don't you go away. Oh baby.
(Yeah) wanna be right here where you are.
Till my dying day, (Till my dying day) Oh baby.

MattyB - Moment

My girl is the kinda person everyone likes
She can fix up or just hang with the guys
Could be the pretty girl that you see at the mall

Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae

Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile,
that's all I ask of you.
Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile,
we got a message for you.