Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Take Me Home

Take me home, take me home
I know another place to be
Take me home, take me home
You deserve a girl like me
Come on I know somewhere

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Catch You

The morning paper
Look in the mirror
On your key-chain
Or in the coffee spoon
On your shirt sleeve
In the flat-screen
In your mailbox

Hitarda - Make this World Dance!

We are, we are Hot Girls
Black dresses tight, long curls,
This is the time to rock you
So watch us now

KNOB - I'm Lost

Ooh ahh, I'm lost without your love
Can you hear me now
Ooh ahh, I'm lost without your love
Your love..
Your love..
Your love..

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - If You Go

Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah
Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah
Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah
Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Runaway Daydreamer

I could tie up the bed sheets and slide down the house
Be gone before the morning comes
I could dye my hair, I could change my name

Boney M - Kalimba De Luna

In the land of the sunshine
People know how to groove
Making emotions
Believin' in what they do

Gwen Stefani - Cool

It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life...
Passes things get more comfortable
Everything is going right

Katy Perry - Legendary Lovers

Under a silver moon, tropical temperature
I feel my lotus bloom, come closer
I want your energy, I want your aura
You are my destiny, my mantra

The Cardigans - Lovefool

Dear, I fear we're facing a problem
You love me no longer, I know
And maybe there is nothing
That I can do to make you do

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

In the summer time when the weather is high
You can chase right up and touch the sky,
When the weather's fine
You got women, you got women on your mind.

Global Deejays - The Sound of San Francisco

Global Deejays
New York
Hear the Global Deeyas

Martin Solveig, Dragonette - Hello

I could stick around and get along with you, hello.
It doesn't really mean that i'm into you, hello.
You're alright but I'm here, darling,

Ace of Base - Life Is A Flower

We live in a free world
I whistle down the wind
Carry on smiling
And the world will smile with you
Life is a flower
So precious in your hand

Ace of Base - Voulez-Vous Danser?

I knew you before 'bout five years ago
Then you seemed to be like a person
Who didn't act like the people I know
Yes, something was special about you

Alexandra Abrameitseva - Rum Di Dum

Can I get you out of my mind?
Something about makes me high.
Stop me help and make it loud,
Shake it up and break it down!

iio - Rapture

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

Armin van Buuren, Nadia Ali - Feels So Good

Your on the telephone
Telling me that she's gone
Now we've been down this road a million times before

Miguel Picasso - Atmosphere

You think
You know
Tell me baby why you stop
You go
Defensives calls you into far
Why don't you let down your guard

Matt Darey, Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun

Still is the water where my fears are bound
Watching me fall like a leaf
That was so brutal
Such a simple decision
When will I be released