Armin van Buuren, Jenifer Rene - Fine Without You

Why don't you feel me?
I'm so in need
Is it a wonder I resist from you?

I was the one who fell in this game
Then you took me away from you

Hannah Montana - Best Of Both Worlds

Oh yeah
Come on

You get the limo out front
Hottest styles, every shoe, every color

Pornorama - I'd Say Yes

you(x5) didn't even try
you(x5) didn't tell me why

Chris Norman, Suzi Quatro - Stumblin' In

Our love is alive and so we begin,
Foolishly layin' our hearts on the table,
Stumblin' in,
Our love is a flame burnin' within,

Taylor Swift - Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I'm standing there
On a balcony of summer air

Fergie - Big Girls Don’t Cry

The smell of your skin lingers on me now,
You’re probably on your flight back to your home town.
I need some shelter of my own protection

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby you're the best

Yuri Kane, Melissa Loretta - Daylight

Don’t say that you love me 
I’ve read all your stories 
They burn [x2]

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance

Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true
I'll make you whisper my name, i'll never leave the room
Night and day, i'll be your muse

Haifa Wehbe - Enta Tany

He pretends to be asking about me, the selfish and severe guy
He didn't mean to hurt my eyes, he is well educated

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up

I know you're feeling restless
Like life's not on your side
It's weighing heavy on your mind